‘The Necklace’: Questions

The Necklace


  1.  Why did M. Loisel expect his wife to be pleased to receive the invitation from the Minister of Education?
  2. Describe Mme Loisel’s reaction on reading the invitation.
  3. Do you think that Mme Loisel recognized good quality jewellery?
  4. Why was Mme Loisel anxious to hurry away from the ball?
  5. What efforts were made to find Mme Forestier’s necklace?
  6. Describe in your own words how the Loisels’ life changed after they had paid for the new necklace.
  7. What was Mme Forestier reaction when seeing Mme Loisel?

 Unanswered Questions 

  1. After paying off her debt, Mathilde wonders what her life would have been like if she had not lost the necklace. The narrator does not suggest an answer to this question. What do you think would have happened to her?
  2. Do you think Madame Forestier will sell the diamond necklace and return the Loisels’ money?
  3. If Madame Forestier does return the money, will Mathilde save her share of it? Or will she spend it to fulfill her old longings?
  4.  What will her husband do with his portion of the money?
  5. At the end of the story, the narrator tells us that Madame Forestier is walking with a small child? Why does Maupassant introduce a new character, about whom he tells the reader nothing, at this point in the story? Is it possible that the child supposed is to represent a new generation of Parisians who will go on pursuing false values? Or does the child’s presence at the end suggest something else? 

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