Homework Due: Lesson 1 Week 2

Edgar Allen Poe

Select one of the short stories on the Edgar Allan Poe site and read it for homework. Be prepared to discuss it in class in relation to our definition of a short story. You will also be required to post a comment on this site.

The Raven



  1. i read ‘The Raven’ by Edgar Allan Poe, and found it quite interesting and intriguing. i liked the idea of how Poe has cooperated the idea of a raven and what it symbolises in this poem.

    • Congratulations Calista on being the first person to comment on our online unit of work!!!! The Raven is a great poem – do you think it is better than his short stories? Ms G

  2. I read “The Masque of the Red Death”. I think it’s one great big euphemism for the plague. The language was a little hard to read and reminded me a bit of Shakespeare as it was very descriptive and Edgar Allen Poe used some serious imagery. I thought “The Raven” was a poem, not a short story? But I find Poe’s poems much easier to read than his stories.

  3. I also read ‘The Raven’ and Poe’s short story, ‘The Black Cat’. I enjoyed the poem more because I like the imagery and mood Edgar Allan Poe creates with his choice of words and the way he uses rhymes within each line. ‘The Black Cat’ was written in a more factual, simple style which made the story move faster but didn’t evoke as much imagery or emotion.

  4. I read the ‘Fall of the House of Usher’. The storyline was exciting and suspenseful but I found it hard to read because of the writing style and because I didn’t understand the meaning of many of the words. The story got better towards the end, although I don’t think I fully understand why it happened.

    • Yes I agree with you! I think it is interesting though that so many people are passionate about them and so many of his stories have been made into films.

    • I think this one was also made into a film.

  5. i read “Ligeia”, at first i struglled to get into the story, and found the language fairly frustrating, it was also difficult as many of the words i had never heard of. As i was reading though i began to enjoy it, i don’t think this was because the storyline became more interesting but because i got used to the language. i think i will need to read it a few more times before i can completely take it in.

  6. I read ‘The Tell-Tale Heart’ and I loved it :). The most interesting part for me was witnessing the narrators slowly deteriorating state of mind. I also found the paradox that the narrator found himself in really fascinating (he tries to prove his sanity but in proving his sanity he is in turn admitting to the murder of the old man, which was an insane act in itself).

    • This is one of his more popular short stories – glad you enjoyed it Ms G 🙂

  7. I also read ‘Tell-Tale Heart’ and i agree with zak. i thought that it was quite well-written though towards the end, the language got a bit harder to understand. I think I prefer Poe’s Poem ‘The Raven’ to his other short stories as it contained a lot of emotion and imagery in it and was simpler to understand.

  8. I read ‘The Tell-Tale Heart, like both Calista and Zak. This story was well-written, but at times the language seemed a bit confusing. I loved the use of similies and how this text was so highly descriptive. In order to completely understand a specific section of this short story, i needed to re-read the lines a few times.

    • Yes, I think that is the thing with Poe’s stories you do need to re-read sections – you can’t just skim read and take it all in.

  9. I read ‘Ligeia’.
    I really enjoyed, it was a quite long short story.
    The language techniques and storyline was really clear.
    The concept and descriptions were really smartly protrayed.
    But the language was a little tricky and I think like Edward I will have to read over it again to fully take eveything in to completely understand the story.

  10. I forgot that I had to post a comment on here, so sorry it’s a couple of days late!

    I read “Pit and the Pendulum”.

    I thought the story was different to the other “creepy” Poe stories I had skimmed through, in that it aims to scare the reader through the character’s fear and the description of all the senses the character feels while waiting for the blade to kill him, rather than scaring the reader with the supernatural. I found it enjoyable to read because the plot-line made me want to read on to find out his fate.

    • The idea of including the characters senses is always effective isn’t it? Ms G

      • Any comments on the style?
        Ms G

  11. I read the Tell-Tale-Heart. The reason I was so captivated by this story is because the narrators character intrigues me to such an extent. I have often thought of writing a story from the point of view of someone who isn’t mentally sound and felt this complex absolutely bonkers character made the story so interesting to me. I would really like to discuss him and see what other people’s views are on his character.

  12. I read ‘The System of Dr. Tarr and Prof. Fether’ I loved the beginning and end, it was clearly understood and written and was a bit mysterious, not giving you all the information, during the middle ( end orientation beginning complication) of the dinner it became a bit tedious with the naming of the insane people in there asylum,though the ending and twist at the end of Monsieur Maillard being mad was very clever, like most people in our class some of the language i found difficult.

  13. I also read ‘the pit and the pendulum’and i agree with kurtis in that the use of the characters senses make this a really interesting story to read. I also like the way Poe never really lets us know exactly why the main character is so afraid of ‘the pit’ maybe it is more than just a well filled with water. The story reminded me of the saw movies and i think that the movies take a lot of inspiration from this story. last but not least I liked the use of the word unclosed instead of opened.

    • Interesting observation Jack – I think a lot of film makers have been influenced by Poe’s stories too. Ms G

  14. I read ‘The Tell-Tale Heart’. i thought it was really interesting to get an insight into the main character’s mind and the reasons he gave for murdering an innocent man. I think Poe’s style of highly descriptive writing really added to the story.

  15. I read “The Raven”. I liked the colourful language that Poe uses. I find that it helps paint a picture in your head making it more believable. At some times the language was hard to read and some words I didn’t understand but I understood enough to understand what the story was about.

    • Don’t forget this is a poem and you need to read a short story.
      Between the two of us though – and don’t tell anyone I said so but I think it is better than all his stories put together!
      Ms G 🙂

  16. i read “the tell tale heart”. i can definitely see why some say that this is one of the most intriguing short stories of all time. the plot drips with suspense, as the man waits in the shadows to murder the “vulture eye.” it shows how we humans are ever troubled by our pestering conscience. he was a really odd character, one who i would not want to live alone in a house with. xoxo gg

    • Yes – the idea of the ‘baddie’ being our conscience is a perennial one in films and literature isn’t it?
      Ms G :-0

  17. WOO! Finally worked out how to post a comment!! So sorry about the lateness but i got really confused. Anyway, i read ‘The Raven’. I thought it was an excellent poem with very descriptive language. And i love the way Poe has managed to make the words flow into each other the way he has :).

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