Overview: Short Stories

January 11, 2010


In this unit we will explore a wide range of short stories from different eras and cultures and consider the conventions and features of short stories.

 We will explore traditional linear structure including orientation, complication and conclusion. We will consider the ways in which a sense of character is conveyed by the composer and appreciate the significance of settings depicted in the story. The endings of stories and the composers purpose will be examined.

We will also examine the re-telling and appropriation  of long established stories which we will investigate for their purpose and context. We will consider questions of point of view, voice, context and intertexuality.

You will keep an online Reading Log to record your impressions of each story you read and to assist with your analysis.

All activities will feed into the assessment task and you will be able to use any of the pieces of writing you have developed in class and adapt them for your final short story.

 You will also have the opportunity to enter the Sydney Morning Herald Young Writers Competition.


One comment

  1. I read the ‘Tell Tale Heart’…
    this is a great engaging story. in the opening sentance Edgar introduces an intrueging character and challenges the idea of maddness. as the simple but physiologically complex story continues you begin to appreaciate murder through the eyes of a madman.
    this story followed a simple idea, had little characters, was engaging, thrilling and overall a well written narrative.
    i thouroughly enjoyed this classic! particulary the idea of someone’s eye unsettling you to the point of murder. clever!

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